Vision and mission

The Lao Coffee Association`s main role is to act as a representative or Secretary for the Government to promote the production of Lao coffee farmers to be closely linked to local and international markets. This promotion will be through the administration of the businesspeople who are members of LCA following the Market Economy direction. Thus, this promotion shall reasonably protect the benefits of the coffee producers and businessmen/women.

As to contribute to the overall vision of the Lao coffee, the vision of the Lao Coffee Association is

“to be one of the key umbrellas in uniting all the Lao coffee stakeholders and  to play lead role in the promotion of the unique image of the Lao coffee in the world markets, thus, it becomes better known and receives higher demand”.

To further strengthening the Lao coffee sector and at the same time the LCA, the mission of the Association is to bring all the Lao coffee stakeholders under one umbrella and follow and share the common coffee development guiding principles.

The overall objective of the LCA is to act as an active and lead body to promote Lao coffee and represent all Lao coffee stakeholders at all level of the value chain both at local and international markets.

More specific objectives are to :

  1. Promote and  increase more Lao coffee products for exporting markets;
  2. Promote quality Lao coffee, and meeting international standards and requirements;
  3. Become umbrella for all coffee stakeholders: producers, processors (roasters) and exporters to operate their businesses according to the Government of Lao PDR policies;
  4. Provide support to coffee stakeholders under specific policies of LCA
  5. Collect statistics of production, processing and exporting