The LCA Management Committee is guiding and managing the members, assets and overall benefits of the Association and its members according to the regulation of the government of Lao PDR.

The LCA Management Committee is being elected from the Summit Meeting of the Association. The term for the Committee is three years. It is comprised of five to nine persons. Members of the Committee can run for the election for three terms continuously.

If one of the seats becomes vacant during the term for any reason, the current Management Committee is allowed to propose for one of the general members to replace the vacancy position.


The current Management Committee (term 2011 – 2014) has nine members, including a president and two vice presidents. 

 President: Mr. Sinouk Sisombut, Director, Sinouk Coffee Company Limited. sinouk 
 Vice President: Mr Sengchanh Khammountha, Director, Sengxay Trading Company Limited.   sengchanh
 Vice President: Ms Bounheung Lithdang, Deputy Director, Dao Hueng Group Limited  bouheung
 Mr Seksan Chanthasack, Deputy Director, Udomsab  seksan
 Mr Bounyou Doungsanga, Vice President, Paksong District Producers Groups  bounyou
 Mr Odai Souvannakhammee, President, Laognam District Producers Groups  odai
 Ms Sounthorn Naphonesack , President, Thateng District Producers Groups  sounthorn
 Mr Bounthieng Thansafang, Director, Phouphieng Bolaven Agriculture Development Trading Company Limited  bounthieng
 Mr Pheedao, Director, Pheedao Company Limited   pheedao
Advisor to the Committee: Ms Leuang Lithdang, Dao Hueng Group Limited leuang